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Traveling With Your Pet

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For international travel, it is ultimately your ( the pet owner's) responsibility to contact the embassy, consult, or agriculture ministry of the country to which you are travelling to find out individual requirements.  These requirements can change daily and many countries also require vaccine titers and microchipping in addition to the health certificate.  Some countries require health certificate endorsement by the USDA.  This endorsement process can be time consuming, so it is a good idea to start early!  In fact, some clients have hand delivered the health certificate to Richmond in order to obtain endorsement in time.


Likewise, for domestic travel, it is your responsibility to find out the requirements of the state to which you are traveling. 


Most health certificates are valid for 30 days.  However, this can vary from country to country. 


Airlines have regulations for transport as well.  Many require a statement regarding temperature acclimation.  We can provide this along with the health certificate.  However, since the temperature statement usually needs to be issued within 10 days of travel, you may need to obtain 2 health certificates, one for USDA endorsement, and one for the airline.  Contact your airline for specific requirements. 


If you need a health certificate, please call us for an appointment to schedule an exam.  Unless administered here, bring documentation of your pet?s current vaccines and other preventative care. 


State Import Regulations: 


International Regulations: 


USDA Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Travel 



Our Closest USDA Office:

Area Veterinarian-in-Charge
400 North 8th Street Suite 726
Richmond, VA 23219-4824
Phone: (804) 343-2560
Fax: (804) 343-2599


International health certificates are sent here for endorsement.  They may be able to answer questions concerning import of pets over the phone.